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David Avery (DAVEry) || February 22nd, 2023, 22:53:57

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A Late February Post

#Robotics #Software #Hardware

A Late February Post

So this is a short one, the group has been restructuring and preparing to set up in another building, we will still be working with VLSP at the Science park but we have also been working to develop a space at the University. That did get a set back when a LNU wide announcement of department relocations came through, but it has just been a change of plans, not a stop to them. [...] Show more

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David Avery (DAVEry) || January 18th, 2023, 16:47:44

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Jan 2023

#Robotics #Hardware

New Website first post 😊  My first time having to write a post for the website and a blog.

✌️ January 2023 – “small beginnings”  [...] Show more

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