How do I use this website?

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Aleksandra Bušure (theAlex) || January 20th, 2023, 18:41:35

So, someone sent you a link to; and the interface is not at all intuitive.

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First off, I’m deeply sorry that my efforts at making navigating this as straightforward as possible have been proven futile. Second, let’s try again, now with more words 🫡

✅ Registration and verification

If you have received an invitation email from a verified member, simply proceed to the registration (Sign up) page and create an account using the email address the invite has arrived to. Ask the sender to create a new invitation if you would prefer to use a different email; alternatively, you can change it once you are registered.

You should be redirected to your profile page with full member privileges as soon as the registration request gets processed.

For those registering without an invite: navigate to the sign up page and fill in the form. You will be assigned ‘Guest’ privileges (i.e., virtually none) and autoredirected to your profile. The next step is to verify your account; to do so, check the mailbox you used to access the website, and click the verification link. Your role should be changed to “Member” now.

If for some reason a verification email does not arrive, try to use the “Resend verification” option (navigation or top of your profile page). Also, make sure to check the spam folder.

If everything fails, message

✅ Setting up your profile

Verified members can customise their profiles and share about as much information as they please (within the realm of common sense, of course).

Log into your account and navigate to settings (dropdown in navigation on avatar click, or cog icon to the right of main profile info). Here you can edit your primary details, upload avatar and cover images, set your profile – and much more! You don’t have to provide any contact (or other) information you do not want to be public.

You can change or remove your data at any point. We reserve the right to do the same should the information provided be deemed inappropriate, intentionally misleading or otherwise malicious.

✅ Reporting

The website allows you to report users and content, regardless of their role and position / author’s privileges.

Every post, event and comment features a flag icon; by clicking it, you invoke a dialog window providing you with a report form. Fill it out and send it in – we will make sure to look into every potential case of misconduct brought to our attention.

To report a user, go to their profile and click the
cog icon found to the right of their main info; select “Report” and describe the issue. Leave none alive.

You can always follow up on your concerns by sending an email directly to

✅ Closing your account or / and removing data

You have probably seen these options when editing your profile. They can be found at the very bottom of the “Settings” page.

A data removal request will result in all your profile information, as well as all personal posts being erased from the website. The community posts and events you have authored will remain – unless you delete each entity manually.

Closing your account will render you unable to log into the system. Normally, an admin will erase your data after a month of inactivity, unless you send an email requesting your profile to be restored to

Have fun and don’t look for exposed endpoints. Cheers ✌️

Authored by Aleksandra Bušure (theAlex) on January 20th, 2023.

Last revised by Aleksandra Bušure (theAlex) on January 20th, 2023.

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