A Late February Post

David Avery (DAVEry) || February 22nd, 2023, 22:53:57

A Late February Post

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So this is a short one, the group has been restructuring and preparing to set up in another building, we will still be working with VLSP at the Science park but we have also been working to develop a space at the University. That did get a set back when a LNU wide announcement of department relocations came through, but it has just been a change of plans, not a stop to them.

Open houses are not running for the next few weeks as the group prepares to move and prepare some advertisements for the new location and activities we will hope to run.

We have had some members of the board moving on. So a thank you to those who have left and a hello to all who might be interested in joining. We will be having a meet and greet soon, so if you are interested in potentially joining the board and helping create a new direction in a new space, then come along. More details will follow shortly. It will be in the D building after hours with coffee and food.

The board responsibilities are quite relaxed with most responsibilities around the activities we do, either weekly open houses or activity groups. Those who have ideas for projects have the chance too as we have funding through sponsorship and also access to good equipment. So you can come with your own plans and the group can help you achieve them.

More work is being done on the website, new signups will soon get a welcome survey. So that we can better know what interest and requirements our members have and we will offer this too existing users too.

The AI group is still happening on Thursday nights. So if you have an interest in that, the group has been working on its road map to achieve the current goal of a drone with Autonomous.

We also have been working on a Polar drawing bot that works with ESP-GRBL. Its an interesting projects that uses a different kind of motion instead of cartesian. it also has a web interface, it converts images to movement patterns and uses a pen to draw on beer mats - very useful!

We are starting work on a chess board project too that will make use of IOT - it will have a smart sensor function to detect pieces moved and then be able to keep track of the board, the goal is to create a board that players can has variety, play against a Chess Engine or play your own against the built in engine.

Theres more coming soon, so come and join us at an event and get involved.


Authored by David Avery (DAVEry) on February 22nd, 2023.

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