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Aleksandra Bušure (theAlex) || February 26th, 2023, 20:22:27

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As those of you who have read the previous post know, the group is going through some changes and restructuring. This implies that we will be looking for people interested in joining the Board.

Before listing the positions we are hoping to have occupied ASAP, though, we would like to remind you that it is interest in IT and taking part in the group’s activities that matter. Therefore, you are more than welcome to show up, engage with others and tell us what it is you would like to do – it’s likely there would be a role just for you 😊

This being said, here is a list of positions we need filled, each one followed by a brief summary of its key responsibilities:

💰 Assistant Treasurer (preferably willing to take over as Treasurer for the next academic year)

- Propose budget for each new year for the Board’s approval;
- Keep track of receipts, invoices, etc;
- Look out for and report / investigate any inconsistencies;
- Keep the group up to date on the current state of its finances, i.e., how much has been spent and / or is left for any pre-defined component of the budget;
- Work closely with the President to resolve any issues and adjust the budget as needed.

📸 Social Media Manager

- Manage group’s accounts on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn;
- Post to the group’s Discord server informing the members of, or reminding them about upcoming activities and events, e.g.: open houses, codehubs, game nights, parties and such;
- Work with the Events Manager (and / or other members) to make posts for social media and the group’s website. This includes event announcement and follow-ups with highlights from recent activities.

📆 Social Events Manager

- Propose the event calendar for each semester, and approve it with the Board;
- Engage with third parties willing to help us host / finance an event;
- Take pictures during events and make them available to the Social Media Manager / rest of the board for future use.

💡 Note to future Media and Events Managers

First off, it would be great if one (or both) of you had some design skills and / or experience making posters. This being said, it is by no means a strict requirement, as we can always have someone else handle the artsy stuff for us 👌

While basic knowledge of Photoshop (or similar software) would be great, we (aka me, @theAlex) are ready to sit down with you whenever and give you a crash course on stuff. We will provide basic assets as well, such as logos, colour schemes and a bunch of layered versions of previous work (which you are more than welcome to tweak and reuse).

Overall, the design work you would be doing will be a simple one. Furthermore, it won’t normally be required more than a couple times a semester, – unless you are willing to change that, of course!

Second, keep in mind that your responsibilities will sometimes overlap. It is good for the Events and Media Managers to be in direct communication, as well as to share and divide labour as needed.

Finally, you won’t be doing any of this alone: some of us nerds are artistically inclined, and likely to be willing to help 😉

🛠️ Other things you could do

With a lot of restructuring going on, we will be ditching some of the old positions and, hopefully, creating new ones as we welcome new people.

Anyways, here is a few more things we are on a lookout for:

- Good coding skills;
- IOT knowledge;
- AI knowledge;
- Willing to host open houses.

Naturally, we do not expect you to be proficient in any of the technical fields listed; interest and some hands-on experience in one of those would be just right.

As for open houses, it would be great to have someone dedicated to hosting them on a regular or semi-regular basis, – with the help of other members, of course.

☝️ So, would you like to join?

If any of the positions listed seem interesting to you, feel free to comment down below or message the group on Discord.

If you would like to meet in person: we are available most days at Växjö Linnæus Science Park, Framtidsvägen 14. Drop us a message if you are considering stopping by, and we will figure out the time!

Otherwise, stay tuned: we might announce a special fika for anyone looking to join, in a few days' time ✌️

Authored by Aleksandra Bušure (theAlex) on February 26th, 2023.

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