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David Avery (DAVEry) || January 18th, 2023, 16:47:44

New Website first post 😊  My first time having to write a post for the website and a blog.

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✌️ January 2023 – “small beginnings” 

Welcome to the 23 Term everyone.

✅ Small Scale projects: The group recently got a 20K SEK funding from the Växjö Linnaeus Science Park. They are also the providers of our lab space which under the new company is now an innovation lab with a launch date of 25th January. 

After the funding the group has gone a small spending spree buying parts for several projects: 

✅ A 10x10x10 RGB addressable LED cube. Custom PCB suspended on a frame, the Cube will be programmable for any that want to learn about RBG multiplex systems or even learn to encode small video sections. 

✅ Drones, we have several drones that we are learning to control using basic AI systems, 

✅ A ground-based Robot that definitely wont be a Roomba in the end, Lidar  

✅ Maze Solving Mice. Using Raspberry Pi Pico’s, you can learn about path solving algorithms. Then optimise the program to get the fastest time. The person who manages to squeeze the lowest time out of this basic little robot will win 500 SEK. 

✅ Chess board. A board you can upload your own engine to and play against. 

✅ Water drones. We have some interesting sensors and we want to give a try at a water based project, it might sink it hopefully wont set on fire. Ultrasound and cameras to view below the surface! 

After all these we will be implementing bigger versions. Bigger drones. The aim is to eventually get to the robotics world cup, but in a wider purpose to have things for students to try and hone their skills with practical hands on stuff. 

We have in depth updates for each in a corresponding order below. 

LED_Cube: we have a lot of the parts and the next stage waits on getting the Innovation Labs new CNC machine up and running. When he having it running we can cut the PCB boards and start working on the framing the PCBs will make life easier .  

Its not the only members have had will ideas once we have finished and learned what we can from the cube to follow it up with persistence of vision projects 

Drones: We Have been working on setting up a webcam server that will allow a AI model to ascertain the position of a drone in a room and move it accordingly to the desired position. 

Ground_based: understanding the environment around is an important part, to this we are making our own LIDAR. Using a small Microntroller to combine a rotational hall effect sensor and laser. As the motor moves the lasers orientation, the laser can be triggered to provide the distance of the nearest object I the current direction.  

In combination with mecanum wheels we will have a flexible platform that can move on any direction in any orientation, the laser providing accurate distances of any angle with a high degree of accuracy.  

Maze Solving Mice: the mouse is being made in several forms a line following model, ultrasound and laser sensor with a servo. Designed to be simple, using basic and cheap components in a open-source format.  

Members can then borrow the groups or make their own and make the design custom. We have 3d printers that people can borrow too! 

Chess board. We wanted to print a interesting  board with sensors embedded in it. RFID and magnets combined to know when the state changes on the board. With this the state of the board can be ascertained and then the player can play real chess against an invisible opponent. 

Water_Drones: Motors have arrived and testing begins soon. The acrylic bubbles are on route, but we have cameras and servos so we can adapt a mechanical eyes animatronic design to make a changeable view angle underneath the water. Printing some hulls will start soon so expect to see things floating. 


We have some open board positions as some of the team have moved on. We have the positions Social Events and infrastructure.  

Socials is important the group wants to make a welcoming environment and socials are good for that to show people what the group does with no pressure. You would help to plan and organise events, help with the set up on the day. A good role for someone that likes getting involved with people and interacting, imaginative ideas help.  

Infrastructure helps with maintaining group assets, helping with ongoing projects, helping with setting up KodeHubs, it’s a bit more general work, but the whole board pitches in so don’t expect to be a slave, but there is a detail orientated approach to this role, making sure we have the right things at a kode hub is important to it running smoothly 😊 


Dave Avery 

KK-V President 2022/23 

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